green juice healing detox fasting cleansingI often get asked by many different people if it is really that important to cleanse and detox and my answer is always the same; “yes, yes and yes”.  Just like you would clean your house, your clothes, wash your hair and brush your teeth our internal organs, blood and bodily systems also need to be ‘clean’ in order to work properly.  Our internal ‘pipes’ become clogged up with stresses of modern day living, unhealthy diets, environmental toxicity and overburdening of chemicals in our system and the only way that they can become open and flowing again is by giving them a good old fashioned clean out.

An increase in toxicity may lead to symptoms such as headaches, skin breakouts, tiredness and lethargy, poor sleep, irregular bowel function, mental fogginess, slow healing capacity, inflammation, stiffness and muscle tension, anger and frustration – just to name a few.  Cleansing therefore is not only important but also absolutely essential for overall health because it releases you of toxins allowing your mind, body and spirit to experience greater wellness in your life.

The cleansing process works by removing some of the ‘stress’ your body is exposed to allowing it to heal itself with its own innate wisdom and rejuvenation capacity.  In other words undertaking a cleanse is a way of treating your body with love, care and respect and allow it to do what it is so intrinsically designed to do which is to heal and repair itself.


Taking the ‘stress’ off your body’s usual day-to-day functioning means carefully creating an environment that is conjunctive to a rejuvenating and nurturing nature where your body has the ability to rest, relax and heal itself.

This happens on many different levels.

For example eliminating things like meat, dairy products, sugars, grains, processed foods, caffeine, alcohol and other stimulants gives your digestive system a break allowing it to naturally transition into ‘clean out’ mode. Most of these common everyday foods are acidic, hard to digest and can cause a strain on the overall body if over consumed.  Eliminating them for a period of time allows an increase in vitamin and mineral absorption and clearance of any nasty toxins that are affecting your physical body.

During a cleanse sleep is important.  Sleep is the only time when your body really gets a chance to rejuvenate.  The immune system repairs itself and tissues heal themselves of any damage in your sleep. If you’re not having enough ‘quality’ sleep then your body never fully gets a chance to repair itself and this is potentially detrimental to both your emotional and physical health.

Meditation is also important, allowing your mind to be still.

Silent. Calm. Peaceful.

 There are so many layers and different ways to cleanse and detox your system alongside so many adjunctive therapies that support the elimination process of toxicity of the mind, body and spirit.  You need to choose what is suitable for your mind, body and your current circumstances – ie. Time available, schedule, finances, convalesces, medical history etc.

Not everyone can jump on a plane to Bali and undertake a fasting program on a whims notice, however we can ‘cleanse’ ourselves on a daily basis to keep our minds and bodies healthy, strong and vibrant.

We can make the choice and action everyday to treat ourselves with the tender loving care we deserve to achieve complete joy and happiness.

Cleansing therefore becomes an act of self love, self worth and self appreciation.

 In simple terms; you take care of your body and it will take care of you.

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Here are my top 20 cleanse tips, insights and ideas.

  1. Water – cannot exaggerate this enough. Water = hydration = healthy cells full of oxygen
  2. Remove all stimulants from your diet including alcohol, cigarettes, sugar, and caffeine.
  3. The deepest cleanse you can do is a fast.  (Abstinence from food)
  4. Fasting should only be undertaken under the guidance of a trained professional leading you through the process OR if you are a very experienced and seasoned faster yourself.
  5. Herbs or homeopathic remedies are a great way to support the elimination pathways of the organs during a cleanse
  6. Dry skin brushing is a must with cleansing to help move the lymphatic system and remove dead skin cells
  7. Sweating – steam or sauna. Sweat encourages more toxins to come out through the skin and is very detoxifying
  8. Write down your own detox goals so you have a clear picture of what you would like to achieve during your cleanse
  9. If you suffer from conditions such as parasites, candida, irritable bowel syndrome, indigestion, constipation and diarrhea then a detox should be high on your list of treatment protocols.
  10. Green juices are an excellent way to alkalise the system and detox the cells
  11. Having one ‘liquid’ meal (soup, smoothie, juice) a day helps to take pressure off the digestive system
  12. Meditation is absolutely essential when cleansing.  Calm and peaceful mind = calm and peaceful body
  13. Patience: Detox reactions are normal when cleansing (headaches, skin rashes, bad breath etc) its all the toxins being removed – allow the process to happen and be patient with yourself.
  14. Doing an “internet free” or “TV free” day is also a great way to cleanse and decrease the amount of stimulus coming in to your brain to allow it to rest.
  15. Spiritual practices of water rituals and fire ceremonies are super powerful to do when cleansing.  Set the intention of what you want to release and then surrender and let it go.
  16. If your body is tired then sleep.  If you have energy than use it – allow your body to guide the process moreso than your mind controlling you to do what you think you should.
  17. Yoga is a perfect union with cleansing
  18. Having Colon hydrotherapy and/or enema’s when cleansing is the best way to unblock those colon “pipes” and remove toxic waste.
  19. Planning and preparation is key with cleansing.  Write shopping lists, schedule in “me time” to your calendar, visit local organic markets for your produce and get to bed early.
  20. Don’t do anything that does not feel right for you or your body.  If in doubt don’t do it.  Consult with a health professional before undergoing a detox and have someone guide you through the process, keep you motivated and monitor your results.