When we share our stories,

our wisdom and ourselves with each other we create experiences that move us, experiences that awaken us.

When we share our stories,

our wisdom and ourselves with each other we create experiences that move us, experiences that awaken us.


I love speaking.

In all the work that I do speaking is by far my biggest passion. I love bringing to the stage my wisdom, insights and knowledge to deeply connect to people and ignite something inside of them that can only happen when we are physically in the same room as each other.

I have spoken at various events worldwide professionally for the past 7 years.  It truly is an honor to share my wisdom, my stories, my voice.

If you would be interested in having me speak or facilitate a workshop please get in touch.

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If you would like me to speak at your event please get in contact here for availability, details and my speakers reel.

“Thank you so much Kate for taking the time out to talk with us at our Wellness and Wellbeing workshop. The guests really loved you and your powerful message and came away from it feeling re-inspired, passionate about taking control of their health and eager to make positives changes in their lives. It brought smiles on our faces and tears in our eyes. It was so refreshing to hear from someone being ‘real’, grounded and authentic, also very funny!”
— Daniela Sivevski events co-ordinator
“Living in Regional New South Wales, it is not often we have the opportunity to host an event with such a free spirited, motivational health guru like Kate Reardon. The country women who attended our “Afternoon with Kate Reardon” were absolutely blown away by the passionate, inspirational and motivating talk by Kate. We learnt amazing tools and life skills from Kate as she shared her own personal story with us. Kate’s meditations were so soul moving and every single woman that attended that afternoon came away with great enthusiasm to lead a more healthier life, now knowing the importance of balancing body, mind and spirit. Hearing Kate talk is honestly life changing.”
— Maureen Alderton, Meditation Facilitator and Event Co-ordinator
“Having Kate present at our sold out corporate Inspiration Day was simply inspiring. She brings a wealth of knowledge with her, we were blown away at the stories she shared and the new health and healing concepts we learnt. She was able to give our audience practical tools right there on the spot and had everyone writing notes, meditating and completely engaged as she spoke. Kate made sure everyone was on the same page with her and she brought a radiance and shine into our corporate event that only she could do. Needless to say the line up to chat with her at the end was very long. Thank you so much Kate, you are one amazing lady.”
— Helen Clarke, Corporate Events Organiser & Media Strategist
“We engaged Kate to speak at our Bali Inspiration Day on the topic of intuition – and she was simply amazing. Kate graciously held the room for more than fifty women and coaches from all over the world while she weaved personal stories, soulful insights and practical tips for everyone to take away. It was evident that Kate was not only passionate about the topic but also beautifully prepared, inspirational, engaging and relatable. I highly recommend Kate as a wonderful speaker to bring to your stage.”
— Julie Parker, CEO & Founder, Beautiful You Coaching Academy

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