A few years ago I was having lunch with a mate of mine who has been through what you could only explain as a “near death experience”.  A hugely intense one at that! He leaned in close as he recalled those events in his life and I listened deeply with every fibre of my being.  There was electricity in the air around us in the coffee shop downtown where we sat and I watched him, mesmerised by his every word, invested in his story as if it was my own.

That night I went home and went to bed and could not get his story out of my mind.  As he shared his own truth and experience so intimately and honestly with me I felt myself changing from the inside out.  It was an incredible feeling that concreted what I already knew to be true; the power of conversation and storytelling can change the world. So after that experience with my mate I had a desire to bring these conversations alive and record them for what can only be the passing and sharing of truth and “Date with Kate” was born.

My Intention for Date with Kate is to have engaging stories for my you to listen to for both entertainment and inspiration purposes.  To provide a platform for learning, growth and to walk away with something to implement in your life.  I want you to  hear these stories and leverage them to become the best version of yourself, what ever that looks like for you in your own life.

So thanks for joining me and I do truly hope you enjoy this podcast!

From my heart to yours