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As soon as I was old enough to leave the nest I brought a one-way ticket to Europe and thus started an epic love affair with traveling and a gypsy lifestyle. As I boarded that first ‘long flight’ at 18 years old something deep inside me ignited and initated a thirst for adventure, search for new lands and desire to soak up new cultures.

I have traveled in many different ways, across many different countries. From a shoe string backpacking budget and sleeping in a flea infested bed (which still haunts me to this day) and selling my handmade jewelry on the beach to get some ‘beer money’ to flying first class drinking Veuve Clicquot in the members lounge and having someone carry my bag, take me through customs and into a private car and everything in between.

I am now currently traveling through Spain, one of my fav countries ever and the first country I ever lived outside of Austalia when I was 18.  I have been posting photos on instagram and facebook during my travels and have been receiving a lot of emails and messages about traveling tips and how to get over jetlag.

So here are some tried and tested tips and my fav “must haves” when I travel to ease jet lag, support the body through all the EMF’s and radiation on planes and make you feel safe and comfortable no matter where you are in the world.

For the body

Ok so I carry a lot of lotions, potions and elixirs (my friends call me Mary Poppins) when I travel but this is why I love them…

Travel GoodiesCell Food – This is my top pick for travel supplements. Although I am a Naturopath I don’t take very many supplements at all (unless I need them). Cell Food however is something that I love as it increases the oxygen and nutrient levels in your body through a fantastic water-slitting technology that actually allows the cells to absorb it. Plus its super light and easy to carry; a couple of drops in water per day (as opposed to lugging a whole bunch of pills around)

Spirulina – Depending on where I am going my diet usually changes quite dramatically when I travel, especially if I am in Europe.  I take spirulina capsules to help alkalise my body and make sure I am getting some greens in amongst all the red wine, bread and cheese experiences (my staples in Europe…When in Rome!)

Digestive Enzymes and probiotic – These help my digestive system adjust to the new foods and make sure everything is flowing nicely in the gut. There is nothing worse then an upset tummy on holiday or diarrhea or constipation when you’re on the move so I take preventative measure for all of these so I can taste and experience the local cuisine without it wreaking havoc on my digestive system. (Probiotics are particularly important in any Asian countries).

Water – Keep hydrated. They call me the ‘water police’ when I am teaching at my retreat centre in Bali because I am always telling our detox guests to drink up. I make sure I take my own advice especially when traveling as hydrated cells = clear healthy mind and body.


On the Plane

PlaneHydration spray – I love this stuff and am slightly addicted. It just makes you feel so good, freshens you up, hydrates the skin and smells divine. My fav brands that I alternate with Jurlique, Utama Spice, Apivita, Mukti or I make my own with calendula, witch hazel, H2O2, essential oils and flower essences.

Thai Som Muor Smelling Salts – I have been using these for years ever since I lived in Thaliand. They keep your nasal passages nice and clear (perfect for planes) are great for dizziness or nausea and make you feel nice and fresh. I have them every couple of hours on a plane and they work wonders.

Face serum – An oldie but a goodie; keep’s your skin nice and hydrated and I prefer a serum to a moisturizer as its nice and light and gives a nice layer of protection too.  I have so many organic brands I love and alternate between them all.

Eye Mask – I use to think these were only for show; now I am a complete convert!

Ear Plugs – Again I use to think these were only for show; now I am a complete convert!

Socks – Why is it ALWAYS bloody cold on planes? I always travel with socks and a scarf, its so important to keep your throat and feet warm and make sure you lower back is covered too so you don’t deplete your kidney chi.

Essential Oils – I am a lover of essential oils and they are always close by to me. I always travel with them and apply them how I feel when I feel. My fav ones for travel are lavender, peppermint, lemon and rose.  My fav brands are Young Living and doTERRA

Mirror – Now I am a Leo and therefore prone to vanity BUT the lights in the toilets on planes are just damn horrible. They can make anyone look bad. Carry a little compact and freshen yourself in your seat before you get off the plane and avoid those ghastly lights at all costs.




FoodI love Samsonite luggage and have been using it all over the world with no problems. I’ve got a large suitcase and a carry on 4 wheeler, which I love and they are super light and really easy to manage when I am by myself without my husband or porters to help me (ha ha ha).

I always pack my carry on as an overnighter and therefore if my main suitcase gets lost or delayed (which has happened more then once over the years) I have most things I need until it shows up.

Comfy Undies – Bonds are my all time favourite undies (undergarments/nickers/panties) for traveling. Seriously I have been wearing this iconic Australian brand on my travels since I was a wee thing and I secretly believe they bring me good luck and are so comfy you forget your wearing any at all.  (Big Smile)

I ALWAYS carry food with me. Nuts, seeds, fruit, raw chocolate, juice – whatever I am allowed really. It really helps and so many times when I have been in a situation when I could not have eaten the food either on the plane or in the airport it’s these snacks that have saved me from the monster that comes out when I have low blood sugars (she is not very nice at all)

Even though I carry my Mac book everywhere I also have 2 journals and they come with me too. One is for my left brain (work stuff, ideas, logistics, to do notes, brainstorming) the another for my right brain (creativity, doodles, poetry, heart pouring out moments, lyrics, mystical meanderings) I alternate between the two, they are my faithful traveling companions (I know I’m weird).


On the ground


Kate in MadridI LOVE Airbnb it gives you a more authentic feeling of the city and what it feels like to actually live there when you are staying in someone else’s apartment. I rented an apartment in Paris for my 30th (a couple of years ago now) and although I had been before my whole experience of the city changed by staying in a cute little studio apartment and really feeling what life is like in Paris.

Learn a bit of the lingo – this has always been so important for me to not only experience the culture but respect it as well. Do your research, know where you are going and embrace the community. Plus people love it when you try and speak to them in their mother tongue even if you completely stuff it up!

Have photocopies of everything – license, credit cards, passports, travel documents etc. I cant tell you how many times I have actually had to use my copies and they have got me out of a lot of shit in the past.

Adapter! –  It’s a real pain in the arse when you can’t charge your electronics and nothing is open to buy one.


Getting over Jet Lag

Jet Lag

Travel essence is my favourite elixir and I have been using this for about 10 years. It is an Australian Bush Flower remedy  and helps your body adapt.  It is brilliant. I also take a homeopathic formula to assist with my body clock and getting me back on track.

Juice, Juice, Juice – I try and drink as much juice as I can both sides of a long flight, it really helps.

Stay off the computer and phone – The lights tinker with your brain chemicals, specifically melatonin and interfere with your sleep patterns. I let everyone know I am safe and sound via email or text and then turn everything off until I am in a normal rhythm again. It helps immensely.

Yoga – stretch your body out and get good circulation happening again. It works a treat this simple video is awesome


My “energy clearing/vibe changing” tips.


altarBeing an energy healer, energy worker and completely sensitive to the energies around me it is really important that I carry a few tools in my bag to ensure that I can ‘clean’ the energy around me if needs be so I feel safe, comfortable and protected at all times.

Crystals – Yep. Love them and YES I believe they work. I wear them whilst traveling for protection and also have a whole bunch of ‘traveling crystals’ that come with me everywhere I go (even over night). My fav’s for this purpose are rose quartz, lapis Lazuli, Black tourmaline, Amythest and turquoise.

Sage and Palo Santo –2 amazing herbs that you light and move around a space to clear the negative energy out of any space (including your cells in your body) This is called smudging. It is a time honered ceremonial ritual and I smudge myself and the places I sleep regularly to clean out any gunk!  (Look at the 2 weird looking things in the top photo)

My Traveling Altar – I have a very small bag of treasures I carry everywhere with me and it is like a protective talisman. In fact friends who I have traveled with over the years have given me little trinkets to add to my collection of crystals, medals, shells, small statues and mala beads. I carry this for the sole reason that it makes me feel safe and protected no matter where I am.

Scented Candle – goes on my alter, has sweet scent and helps me sleep.

Quantam Science Pendant – this is my secret weapon. I am usually so skeptical of these things but this one I have tried and loved. It is a pendant that carries specialized quantum physics, geometry and vibration harnessing technologies to help synergize the power of the body’s bio-energy system. In other words; it helps protect against radiations and all kinds of nasties our cells pick up.

So now lets hear from you.  Any tried and tested travel tips you want to share?  If so PLEASE let me know in the comments below and for all of you, like me, who have that never ending desire and need to keep on globe trotting I wish you adventure, protection and heart opening experiences beyond your wildest imaginings.

Bon Voyage