Surrender and Let Go Meditation

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Recommended for:

  • Stress
  • Burn out
  • Chronic pain in the physical body
  • Overworked mind
  • Depression
  • Anxiety
  • Feeling out of balance in any area of your life
  • Poor memory and concentration
  • Holding on to any old emotional baggage from the past that no longer serves you
  • Low vitality and energy levels
  • Lack of drive and motivation
  • Any kind of physical ailment within the body

Go into a deep relaxing meditation designed to assist you in surrendering deeply to your body’s innate healing capacity. You will be guided to increase your vital force through breath and visualization allowing every cell within your body to relax, regenerate and heal.

When we surrender and let go of things that no longer serve us, like old unwanted behaviors, self limiting beliefs, excess worry or stress, we create so much more space within ourselves for healing light to enter. Just like you would clean your house and discard any unwanted old stuff, your energy field also needs cleansing to keep it fresh, vital and clear.

Connect into your mind, body and spirit with this meditation for greater awareness and freedom in all areas of your life.

Time: 27 minutes

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“Kate’s beautiful meditations are perfect for someone who is just beginning their meditation journey and also perfect for someone who meditates regularly. Kate’s soothing voice resonates with your mind, body and soul. She takes you to a deep state of relaxation and you can feel the healing happen. At the conclusion of the meditation you feel renewed and peaceful. I am so grateful Kate’s meditations found me. You will be too!”

Alicia McNamara, Teacher and Mother