“What lies behind us and what lies before us are tiny matters compared to what lies within us”

– Ralph Waldo Emerson


In the healing work that I have done and shared with people over the years I have noticed familiar patterns in behaviours that keep us from unlocking the blockages we place upon ourselves.  The reason I recognise it is because it presents itself over and over to me and in all my humanness of having to be told and shown over and over again I am finally starting to ‘get it’.

The major pattern I refer to here is the constant search of looking outside for the answers.

There are so many ways to try and grow and expand our consciousness to understand our purpose, our passions and our path like reading countless books, attending workshops and seminars and having discussions with ‘like minded’ individuals and watching documentaries.  Don’t get me wrong I think all these ‘tools’ are very powerful and extremely resourceful in helping us along the yellow brick road, but it remains my firm belief that all the powers of the universe and all the answers we seek are truly within each and every one of us and available to us whenever we learn to tune in and listen!

Camel Arms

I am reminded of one of my all time favourite stories Paulo Coelho’s The Alchemist.  The search for the truth which is in your heart inevitably leads you back to the very place where you started.

It states that “Those who don’t understand their personal legends will fail to comprehend its teachings.”  One of my favourite books which I have read countless times over the years mirrors the messages I receive when holding space for people during healing sessions, that we ALL have the answers it is about how we tap in to our own source is what we must learn and understand.

When I had my “A-HA” moment (or as I like to call them my ‘holy -shit‘ moment) of realising myself that I had my own source of answers inside that I can access at any time, it was literally like the universe gave me a huge slap in the face.

I had gone and seen yet another ‘healer/physic’ (which I used to do a lot in my younger years) and came out thinking that is was total BULLSHIT!  Not just a little trickle of bullshit but an entire field covered in crap kind of Bullshit.


The guy had no idea about me at all, he didn’t know how to treat me, what my fears were, what I was truly searching for, he could not tell me anything and I certainly didn’t feel in any way healed.  And the things he did tell me about myself were so off the mark and highly negative that I could not drive myself home from his house because I was so distressed, I sat in my car and cried for about 2 hrs nonstop, when I looked in the mirror (because of the intense crying) I literally looked like I had been slapped in the face!

I got home and pulled in to my driveway and then the most amazing thing happened.

I heard a voice inside my own head start to talk to me.

She sounded just like me but different, wiser, more confident and much more intellectual, she was using words that I didn’t really have in my vocab and it was like she was singing a sweet melody as she was talking, hearing her was like listening to music.  When I actually started listening to what she was saying I realised she was giving me all the answers that I was looking for through the other guy and everyone else I had seen.

She was pouring out wisdom and giving me the exact guidance, clarification, support and tools that I needed.  She told me things I would never have been able to predict (and they all came true) even down to the exact score I would receive on an upcoming exam I had in 2 days time, a guy I would meet (his name, age, background, how, why and when I would meet him) and that I needed to stay away from him (which I did) and the exact day my beautiful great Uncle Donny would pass away.

I knew it all, all the answers, all the knowledge, I had unknowingly but intentionally tapped in to my own higher self.  There sitting in my own driveway, in my own car, with physical “slap” marks on my face, I had switched on and tuned in.

She did not hang around, she stayed this strongly for about 3 days and my hand never stopped writing and I hardly slept (trying to communicate with her and also study for my impending exam).  “She” was my higher self talking to me, she was and is always accessible whenever I need her, “she” is me!  I formed a new found love for the ‘bullshit psychic guy’ who helped the universe with this particular slap!

The voice of my higher self calmed down after those 3 days and I found it hard to tap in to her again.  I knew that my next mission was to find ways to tap in to her so that I could access this unmeasurable pool of insight at any given moment.

And how do I do that?

In my short and novice experience through my own journey I can only share what works for me.

Kate ReadingMeditation, yoga, pranayama, having time alone, automatic writing, crystal therapy, spending time in nature, surrounding myself with people whom I love and inspire me constantly, keeping my head clear of unnecessary garbage like trashy TV and magazines (and people), spending time with children & animals, talking to my guides and angels, creative expression through various art forms, fasting, cooking and most of all learning to love and trust myself no matter what……NO MATTER WHAT! I invite you to close your eyes and go inside, find your own way of connecting to the infinite possibility of answers, energy, insight, imagination and creativity and wisdom that lies within each and every one of us.

Search for and use what works for you.

Every time I am working with people whether is on a physical, emotional or spiritual level (or even beyond that) I tell them that no one, NO ONE, knows them more than they do, it is about finding how to tap in to your own source power and allowing it to reveal the majestic wonders to you, I suspect it will be beyond your wildest imaginings.

Once you have mastered that the next part is…..LISTENING….TRUSTING…..TAKING GUIDED ACTION……

oohhhhh yes, the levels of the onion never stop their peeling their layers.

Sending you love, peace and high vibes,