I have been on a path of healing and service for a while now and when I seriously think about it, I know was born this way.  Whilst I have veered off the path a few times in my life these ‘succulent detours’ as I like to call them,  have helped shape and transform me into who I am today.  I believe that sometimes it’s our ‘succulent detours’ that drives our passion and purpose even higher and leads us to colorful parts of ourselves we didn’t know existed.

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My own healing story began as a child when I started communicating with the spirit world. I was introduced to meditation when I was 15 years old, left Australia at 18 in search of adventure and inspiration, at 21 I was drinking Plant medicine in the Amazon with a Shaman, learning about herbal medicine and studying energy.  At 22 I had returned to Oz to study Naturopathy and Nutritional Medicine at university and at 29 started my own health retreat in Bali and have never looked back since.  Healing has become my life both as a student, as a teacher and as a channel.

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I have seen healers from all cultures and all walks of life from all across the globe in my own search for health and wellness from Shaman’s in Peru, Traditional healers in Guatemala to modern specialists in orthodox medicine.

Likewise I have seen hundreds of clients already in my journey thus far of being a therapist and have witnessed some amazing miracles that I never would have imagined to be possible.


In all exploration in both the giving and receiving seat of healing I have noticed one major component that either accelerates people into deep healing or prevents them from moving forward.   This my friends, is full acknowledgement of the mind, body and spirit; all parts of you.

You see, you are more then the muscle, bones and skin of your body and certainly more then the craziness inside your head.

You are a whole being – mind, body and spirit, and all these aspects co-create to form the unique and authentic individual that is you.

True healing only comes when you are acknowledging the all parts of who you are and addressing and exploring all aspects of yourself.

When I was studying Naturopathy one of the main principles we learnt was tolle totum; treat the whole person and this is one of the major philosophies that has always aligned me with alternative or complementary medicine because it acknowledges the individual person as opposed to the illness, disease or signs and symptoms like orthodox medicine does.

You are more then the signs and symptoms of your body and the disease processes of your physical tissues and you should be treated accordingly to your own personal needs and desires.  Likewise your emotional and spiritual aspects of you need to also be addressed so that true healing can eventuate on all levels.

True healing will only occurs when we are acknowledging all aspects of ourselves and treating ourselves accordingly.

You can eat all the organic and raw food you can digest, have green juice everyday and exercise your little butt off but if you are not addressing your emotional and spiritual health in your wellness program you will never truly feel happy and free.  Likewise you could be in therapy going over and over your problems on an intellectual level talking non stop about your feelings and emotions but if your diet is lacking in nutrients and you are not paying any attention to the needs of your body you will constantly feel stuck.

I have seen personal trainers with bodies that would rival Gisele Bundchen’s and look amazing on the outside but internally their world is messy, chaotic and bruised without any room for happiness or acceptance within their energy field or thought processes whatsoever.  On the opposite end of the spectrum I have seen healers and physics that are so in tune with spirit and have crystal clear psychic vision and yet there own physical bodies are dangerously overweight with many health complications arising from this, stopping them from fluidity, grace and ease in their movements.

In my experience the key lies in your ability to find the balance by spreading your energy into examining all parts of you.  Your own personal wellness program will work a lot more effectively if you have practices that nourish, replenish and heal the mind, body and spirit.

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So I ask you, is there any part of you that is getting neglected in your health?

Where is most of your emphasis and energy being directed in your own health care plan? Are you acknowledging your mind?  Your body?  Your spirit?

What changes can you make to ensure all parts of you; mind, body and spirit are healthy and balanced and flowing with vitality and energy?

Remember it is only be looking at all parts of yourself and finding your own personal balance that true healing arises in your mind, body and spirit.

Sending you so much light and love in your healing journey,