Planning on starting a family can be one of the happiest times in a couple’s life.  From conception to pregnancy, the process the mother and father both undergo can be a challenging, happy, joyful experience; and a life-changing journey to say the least.  However if you experience complications, health issues, or difficulty conceiving, this natural process can become one of the most stressful, worrisome and exhausting times a couple may go through together. Factors such as diet, exercise, weight, health conditions, stress levels, emotional and mental states, genetics and a high toxic load in the blood stream all play a major part in determining ones ability to conceive.

butterflyOne of the quickest and most effective ways at getting both the male and female ready for conception is cleansing the mind and body through detoxification.  Just like you would clean your house, your clothes, wash your hair and brush your teeth our internal organs, blood and bodily systems also need to be cleansed in order to work properly.

Our internal ‘pipes’ become clogged up with stresses of modern day living, unhealthy diets, and environmental toxicity and overburdening of chemicals in our system. And the only way they can become open and flowing again is by cleansing through detoxification.

An increase in toxicity within the body may lead to complications such as imbalanced hormones, poor liver metabolism, decreased circulation, inflammation, poor cellular function, tiredness and lethargy, poor sleep, irregular bowel function, mental fogginess, slow healing capacity, decreased vitamin and mineral absorption and anger and frustration – just to name a few.  Cleansing therefore is not only important but also absolutely essential for preconception care because it releases toxins allowing your mind, body and spirit to experience greater wellness in your life and giving yourself the very best chance for a healthy conception leading to a healthy pregnancy and ultimately a healthy baby.

By undergoing a thorough detox the body has time to heal and regenerate itself on a cellular level.  Detoxing allows for all the toxins to be removed from the cells, hormones to be rebalanced, the liver to metabolise any excess hormones floating around the body such as xenoestrogens (found in chemicals, plastics and pesticides which create an imbalance in natural estrogen levels) and cortisol (stress hormone which can lead to inflammation, exhaustion, poor cellular function) which may be lead to infertility.  Inflammation is decreased, all organs regenerated, blood sugars rebalanced, immune system boosted, nervous system rested and reproductive system balanced – amongst many other positive side effects – getting your body cleansed, healthy, calm and ready for fertility.

The detox process works by removing some of the ‘stress’ your body is exposed to allowing it to heal itself with its own innate wisdom and rejuvenation capacity.  This means carefully creating an environment that is conjunctive to a rejuvenating and nurturing process whereupon your body has the ability to rest, relax and heal itself.

There are many different ways to detox and many different levels of cleansing, and you need to find the one that is best suited to you and your partner – as both male and female detoxification protocols are of equal importance in preconception.

Butterfly 2

To get you started here are my key cleansing tips in preparation for a healthy conception.

  1. Drink a minimum of 2 liters per water a day.  I cannot overemphasize this enough.
  2. Water = hydration = healthy cells full of oxygen = healthy chance for conception.
  3. Remove all stimulants from your diet including alcohol, cigarettes, sugar, and caffeine.
  4. Eliminate all processed foods from your diet.  If it comes in a packet with an extended expiry date and artificial colours and preservatives it is toxic and not healthy for your body.
  5. Meditation is absolutely essential when detoxing.  Because quite simply; Calm and peaceful mind = calm and peaceful body. I highly recommend my ‘Healing the Body’ guided meditation for conception and fertility.  You can find out more about that here
  6. Having one ‘liquid’ meal (soup, smoothie, juice) a day helps to take pressure off the digestive system which increases your absorption capacity for vitamins and minerals.
  7. Fresh green juices and smoothies are an excellent way to alkalise the system and detox the cells
  8. Sleep. Sleep is the only time when your body really gets a chance to rejuvenate.  The immune system repairs itself and tissues heal themselves of any damage in your sleep. If you’re not having enough ‘quality’ sleep then your body never fully gets a chance to repair itself and this is potentially detrimental to both your emotional and physical health.
  9. Increase your vitamin intake by increasing your level of fresh vegetables in your diet.  Aim for 5 different vegetables per day.

Remember to relax during this special time and connect in deeply with your partner.  Focus on gratitude, love, peace and harmony and remember to keep smiling and have fun!

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Big Warm Hugs