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So often in my practise of healing and helping people I notice a common thread blocking the potential healing of a person’s mind, body and soul.  This block is when people hold on to behaviours or patterns that no longer serve them.

Quite often when we are not consciously living with presence and awareness old behaviours that no longer serve us stay in our lives for no apparent reason other then the fact that we have not thought about it or brought awareness to them.  You may find yourself eating the same foods over and over even though they don’t provide any nutritional benefit to your body. Or you may find you constantly spend time with the same people day in and day out even though they don’t really make you feel good about yourself in any way.  Or you may have been seeing some kind of Therapist, Counsellor, Doctor or Mentor (for example) and yet haven’t received any positive results for quite some time.  Or you may be in a relationship that does not serve you in any way but it is all you know.

In this episode of date with Kate I discuss how to identify and eliminate these all behaviours and patterns that no longer serve you in your life to make room for new and ‘self-serving’ behaviours that will benefit your health and happiness within your mind, body and soul.

Let me know in the comments what new self- serving behaviours you are going to bring into your life today.

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Onwards and upwards on this delectable journey,