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I am fortunate to live in Ubud, Bali surrounded by a tribe of like minded souls who make me feel so supported, loved, understood and appreciated.  I also have a super close circle of friends that I went through school with that I am still deeply connected with even to this day (some have been with me since I was 5 years old).  I have special friends I have met all over the world at various times in my life during my gypsy wandering days that I remain in close contact with even though some of them I have not seen for over a decade (one of the reasons I love Facebook). And my blood family are my closest confidants, companions and comrades on this trip we call life.

A portion of my crazy family

A portion of my crazy family!

Having a “tribe” around me has been integral and immensely crucial in my growth (both personal and professional), my inspiration and my protection throughout my journey.  It is something that I have worked very hard to grow, maintain and nourish throughout my journey because I understand its value and importance in my life.

Did you know that it’s the people that surround you that may potentially have the biggest impact on your life?

When you feel as though you belong, when you feel safe and know you are supported (all extremely fundamental to achieve balance and harmony in ones life) is when you can achieve great things in your life and fully thrive to your highest potential.

In this episode of Date with Kate I discuss the importance of connecting with your tribe, building community around you and recognising who your ‘cheerleaders’ are.

Because we should all go through life feeling safe, supported and ‘home’…right?!?

Reach out to your tribe today and please share this video for anyone you feel needs to hear this message.

Peace and Potatoes