Date with Kate

Hey There.

I am so excited to be sharing with you the very first episode of Date with Kate.

Let me tell you how this all started.  I was sitting on the beach in Bali about 4 years ago now with one of my oldest and closest friends.  The sun was setting over the water and we were both feeling salty and sun kissed from a day spent in the ocean.  It was one of those magic times you wish would never end; simple perfection.   We were chatting about love, life and all kinds of juicy honest truths that you share with your closest mates.  She was sharing with me something that was happening in her life at the time.  I patiently listened without interrupting and hung on every word she said.  When she finished  I took a deep breath and out of me came an answer that shocked us both.  It was just a little pearl of wisdom, very simple but it really hit home for her and was exactly what she needed to hear at the time to feel safe and secure.  We both cried.

Beautiful Bali Sunsets

Beautiful Bali Sunsets

The next day after a beautiful yoga session by the beach my friend firmly stated  “You need to turn these nuggets of truth into videos for everyone, put them on a website and share with people insights like what you were sharing with me last night, we all need to hear these things Kate, it might as well come from you“.

The thought of doing that actually repulsed me in the beginning.  I know there are so many people doing “self help” video’s online and I didn’t feel the need to saturate the market anymore.  Plus I was so busy running my retreat centre at the time that having another website project completely overwhelmed me.  Nevertheless the idea was born and the seed planted.



I didn’t start this website for another 3 years after that conversation and it was even longer after the launch of this sight that I started filming Date with Kate.  As I was writing my blog I kept getting the urge to make some short, intimate video’s and kept remembering my friends conversation with me on the beach years before.  I came to the conclusion that these short snippets is another way for me to serve and so I was excited to jump in and do it.  Before my first video I consulted a very important teacher in my life on the project, my 6 year old niece.  Our conversation went something like this.

Do you think I should make videos for people and put them on my website

She replied “What will you talk about

Just really positive stuff that will uplift people and hopefully give them inspiration for their lives in some little way.  You know, mostly all the things I share with people on the retreats when they come to see me and I help make them better” I said

She thought for a while, quite deeply then replied “Yes Kate.  Make people happy that is a very good job“.

I smiled at her and we went on chatting about other things.  Later on that afternoon I was delivering my niece home and as we were getting out of the car my brother casually asked her in front of me “How was your date with Kate?”.  She smiled and looked up at me and said “That’s what you should call your videos; Date with Kate”.  And thus from the mouth of babes Date with Kate was born.

So here is my first video Taking Time Out.  An important lesson that took me so long to learn for myself that it’s become on the my most important factors I drum into all my clients to this day.

Please share with anyone who you might know will benefit from this today.

Much Love