I know that we have all the answers within us at any given moment.

But we become so familiar with all the noise and activity of the world outside us that we simply do not give ourselves time to tune in and listen to our own inner wisdom.

I know that we have all the answers within us at any given moment.

But we become so familiar with all the noise and activity of the world outside us that we simply do not give ourselves time to tune in and listen to our own inner wisdom.

Natural Instinct Healing Detox, Fasting & Cleansing Retreats

Running all year around

Ubud, Bali

Kate’s amazing Bali team will be hosting these raw food, fasting detox, and superfood cleanse retreats at her retreat centre in Bali.

The Natural Instinct Healing programs are like someone switching on the “re-start” button. With constant support in a loving and safe environment, a “re-start” is exactly what you will get from these cleansing programs – not just in your physical body but your overall life experience.

Kate’s team will be onsite in Bali at these retreats to guide you through the process delivering nutritional workshops, raw food kitchen classes, mind/body awareness classes, meditation, yoga, and one on one healing sessions – all with a strong emphasis on mind, body, soul awareness. If you feel you need a kickstart, a refresh, or a good “clean out” then this retreat is for you.

Come and relax, unwind and cleanse and let us take care of the rest.

For a full comprehensive overview on what is on offer at these retreats, and finer information and details, pop over to Natural Instinct Healing.

Reclaiming Self Love


February 24th


As women we often put ourselves last. We fall into unhealthy habits of neglecting our bod​y’s, ​ignoring ​the inner whisperings of our hearts truest desires​ and not prioritising our divine ​soul ​​connections.

Over time this inevitably leaves us feeling flat, disconnected, unhealthy, tired, overweight, lacking joy, frustrated and dull (just to mention a few) as we attempt to keep up with all the different hats we wear, the different roles we juggle.

Now is your time. No more excuses, no more playing small, no more wallowing, no more believing you are not good enough. Lay down these old wounds & beliefs that do not serve you once and for all dearest sister and choose love. Choose you. Choose passion. And choose to re-ignite t​hat fire that burns deep within your soul.

I am so ready to welcome you into the space. Are you ready to show up? For all the juicy details click here: http://bit.ly/reclaimingselflove (Women Only Immersion)


– (re)learn what it means to reclaim yourself
– Navigate the roadblocks that stop us from loving ourselves
– Work with the subtle energies of the body & interpret the wisdom within
– Activate energy systems within our tissues for life force to flow
– Create nourishing & nurturing womens practices to restore, heal & balance
– Learn the lost art of rituals of honouring the self
– Explore the sacred feminine and your own inner power
– Connect. Restore. Heal.


– Explorative Yoga
– Releasing Ritual
– Sound Healing
– Women’s Health
– Female Archetypes
– Lunar Cycles

This is not another health expo, summit or workshop. It is a participative immersion led by industry leaders. Whilst we are here to educate and inform, the aim is not to overload and overwhelm – rather to empower you to integrate and embody all you learn and need to be thriving in your body, mind and spirit.

Tina Nance Yoga Therapeutics

Embodied Feminine Awakening training 100hrs 

May 1-14th Ubud, Bali

I am honoured to be on the faculty and teaching alongside one of my favourite yoga teachers (and human beings) Tina Nance.

This 100hr Womb Awakening Training is the first module of her 300hr Embodied Feminine Awakening training at the Yoga Barn in Ubud, Bali.

Specifically for Women, This training is designed to empower & support women to Re-Member the innate feminine gateway to the Embodiment of their Essential Essence.

We will train up in  :

* Feminine Embodiment & Inner Directed Movement

*  Somatic Intelligence Access

* Conscious Navigation of our Emotional Feedback System

* Empowering Education of Female Anatomy & Women’s Wellness

* Womb Wisdom : Practices for Womb Healing & Awakening

* Arvigo Massage & Pelvic Realignment

* Tibetan Womb Pulsing

* Yoga Therapy for Balancing the Female Hormonal System

* Moon Wisdom & Sacred Menstruation

* Intuitive Flow Dance & Continuum Movement

* Alchemy Vocal Awakening & Freeing your Feminine Voice

*  Temple Dance for the Belly & Womb

* Honouring the Dark Feminine

* Sexual Sovereignty & Sensual Empowerment

* Yoni Mapping & Pleasure Education for Women

* Awakening the Deep Feminine Current.

To book in and get all the details please visit Tina’s website

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