If you don’t already, start to fall in love,

little by little, with all parts of who you are, the unapologetic, unedited version of you.

If you don’t already, start to fall in love,

little by little, with all parts of who you are, the unapologetic, unedited version of you.

Here’s a little bit about me…

I have two Bachelor Degrees in Health Science specializing in Complementary Medicine, Naturopathy and Nutritional Medicine.

But early on in clinical practice I knew I was never going to be your typical Naturopath or Nutritionist…

You see I have a very strong intuition that allows me access to see, feel and know things about people that they often cannot see within themselves. This ‘gift’, which I have had since childhood (yep I’ve been communicating with the spirit world a long time), has brought me enormous blessings and challenges throughout my life.

Here’s the thing:

I LOVE being able to infuse all of this together. My work as a Naturopath and Nutritionist is deeply rooted in a holistic approach that aims to heal the body from the core cellular level. And my intuitive metaphysical channeling work incorporates healing on emotional and spiritual levels; therefore my approach to health and wellness encompasses a direct acknowledgement of the ‘whole’ person – mind, body, spirit because I deeply believe with every molecule down to my core.

If you really want to heal…

(pause – I mean deeply, wholeheartedly and undeniably heal yourself on every level of your being, not just get better, feel better, eradicate symptoms or get on with things, I mean deep, core, transformational healing)

Then you MUST work on all levels of who you are: MIND, BODY, SPIRIT.
It is the only way. Period.

This is how I got here…

  • Fell in love with food and the power of nutrition whilst assisting some world class chefs throughout Europe and the Caribbean Islands
  • Studied energetic bodywork and massage in Guatemala
  • Explored energy and plant medicine alongside shamans in Peru
  • Graduated from university in Australia
  • Set up my own Naturopathic and Nutritional Medicine clinical practice
  • Started writing for print and online publications all over the world
  • Despite the ‘success’ I was experiencing in clinical practice there was an undeniable inner yearning pulling on me. Something deep down inside my gut told me “there’s more for you to do” and so I listened.
  • Decided that I had to go beyond my academic and biochemical background if I was going to make a real difference in supporting people on their healing paths
  • I set out on a global search (again) of finding the most dynamic way of helping people achieve radical healing and transformation throughout their lives on a mind, body and soul level.
  • Discovered and fell in love with the time honoured healing modality of fasting (still one of my biggest loves to this day)
  • Started teaching meditation and (finally) accepted myself as a spiritual healer and mentor
  • Ended up in Thailand managing a health retreat in Koh Samui
  • Started speaking and running workshops globally
  • Had a HUGE REALISATION (my biggest dream ever) that I needed to set up my own health retreat in a beautiful exotic island location, to build a sacred space where people can come to heal, rejuvenate, cleanse and reconnect to themselves
  • My dream came true in 2011 when I moved to Bali and co-founded Natural Instinct Healing 
  • Natural Instinct Healing facilitates Detox, Health, Fasting, Cleansing and Yoga Retreats in Bali all year round. We also facilitate detox and health retreats biannually in Australia and in other areas around the globe.
  • I continued mentoring clients from all walks of life including high profile celebrities, public figures, doctors, psychologists and business leaders on a mind, body and soul level
  • Was persistently encouraged to write a book by clients, colleagues and retreat guests
  • Listened to them (best decision ever) and wrote my first book “The Essential Cleanse”
  • Listened (again) to my clients who were asking for more support from me and my team at NIH after they did a retreat, read my book or had sessions from me.  Point being – They wanted/needed ongoing support on a mind, body, soul level.
  • Listened to them (again) and in 2017 my NIH team launched our online platform ‘The Hub’ a 12 month membership of cutting edge health care

Why I do what I do…

You know how weeds must be removed from a garden patch in order for flowers and plants to grow and blossom? A newly planted seed cannot thrive to its fullest potential if there are too many weeds in the garden—it’s that simple. You are the same. In order to reach your potential and be the very best version of yourself, you must first remove the weeds that are polluting your space within your mind, body and spirit.

My role is to help you identify and remove your ‘weeds’ whether they are physical toxins, self-limiting beliefs, old stories, energetic cords or attachments, unhealthy behaviours or physical dis-eases in the body. Basically anything on any level—mind, body and spirit—that is standing in the way of you being who you truly are: a thriving, powerful, loving, happy and free soul. You are your own key to unlocking your truth, your potential and your destiny.

I’ll show you what’s standing in your way and empower you to move beyond it and into all that you came here to be.

The juicy extras

+ I’m Australian

+ Left home to follow my gypsy spirit when I was 18 years old.  I have travelled a lot, lost count at 27 countries.  Spain was one of my favourite places to live.

+ I married my soul mate who loves the wanderlust lifestyle as much as I do (luckily for me) we’ve been together for many, many moons (and lifetimes) 

+ I am constantly receiving messages from spirit (like all the time) and meditate daily – it’s my non negotiable.

+ I adore reading. And writing. I am constantly learning, re-learning, remembering and discovering who I am.

+ I’ve been based in Asia for the past 8 years, Bali is my home (for now).

+ I’m a total nerd for herbal medicine and biochemistry (it’s true) and often read research papers for fun.

+ I have an insatiable love affair with exploring the divine feminine in all her many forms.  I get invited to host womens healing circles and intimate gatherings where I talk extensively about womb wisdom and embodiment of the feminine essence.  I am always exploring with open curiosity this part of who I am.

+ I am a qualified yoga teacher and combine all my healing and knowledge into my classes which I absolutely adore teaching. Yin yoga is my favourite practice to teach.

+ I am a very proud Mama to 2 incredible daughters.  Being a mother is the greatest honour I have ever had.  And the wildest adventure I could ever imagine.

+ My award winning Retreat Centre in Ubud, Bali will always be my first baby.  It has shaped me as the global entrepreneur and proud business woman I am today.  It has also evolved with every essence of my blood, sweat and tears poured in to all corners of its existence. 

Thanks for stopping by. I would simply adore connecting with you more so sign up here to stay in touch and look out for a love note coming into your inbox from my heart to yours.
Peace out

Professional Bio

Kate Reardon is a qualified practitioner of Naturopathy and Nutritional Medicine, an author and speaker, an Intuitive Metaphysical Healer and yoga teacher.

With extensive tertiary studies in both complementary and mind-body medicine, Kate set out in search of finding the most dynamic way of helping people achieve radical healing and transformation throughout their lives on a mind, body and soul level. This journey which started with her own clinical practice in Australia has lead Kate to managing health retreats in Thailand, seeing one on one clients worldwide, facilitating healing workshops, public speaking, contributing to various publications as a health and wellness writer and hosting transformational healing circles throughout various countries and cultures worldwide.

Kate is the co-founder and managing director of the renowned award winning fasting detox retreat center, Natural Instinct Healing in Bali. Kate has guided thousands of individuals to a state of radiant health through the power of cleansing worldwide and offers the secrets and science in The Essential Cleanse, her first book and a love letter to all who seek total healing from the inside out.

Kate travels the world guiding and coaching high performers and world leaders.  She leads retreats internationally and regularly hosts immersive experiences for people to have the chance to dive deeply into igniting and activating their fullest potential.

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